Do you control the distribution of funds within your birth certificate account?
Who does?
Did you know that you can get every dime that you paid out in mortgage, court case, credit cards, or utility bills?
Did you know that every debt is already prepaid with your birth certificate bond?
Did you know that YOUR Birth certificates and your social security accounts are bonds that are being traded on the stock exchange? No? Well allow me to show you how to find out if it’s a lie or the truth….
Do this…. Go to fidelity dot com.
At the top of the screen you will see research….click on it. Then click on quotes.
Once the New screen pops up enter your bc# or your ssn# but do it like this
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 instead of 123 -45- 6789. You will see at least 6 accounts under your number (you have a total of ten accounts).
Save and print that page.

Then do your bc# the same way….and print page.

Look at both pages (you should see the remaining accts). If you follow the directions exactly then you will see how much the government is trading you for.

You can help your family with saving their homes, student loans, taxes (IRS will become your friend), traffic tickets (traffic tickets are actually law suits), police/judge/prosecutor misconduct/injury…AND anything else you can think of.

Learn how to even hold the IRS accountable for ANY ACTION against you (garnishments, tax bills (old or new).

Been to prison, did your time and still labeled a convict? Yup status correction and get paid for the time you spent in the joint!

The elite created laws to give themselves loopholes…we the people will also utilize the loopholes provided equally before law.

To practice law is for lawyers. To ACT in law is for THE PEOPLE.

Law is made to hold ALL PARTIES accountable…and be BENEFICIAL to ALL, simultaneously.

Notaries are needed (willing to barter).

All donations accepted…

I’m sure this will get flagged by big brother soon.
Send your issue and number to if you dare to escape from debt and mental slavery being imposed on you in the form of oppressions.
Minnesota rule 220 (Google it) translates to “Claim ownership over you and we will treat you like it once you turn 18 or we well continue to treat you like a child that is a ward of our state. The red or the Blue pill Neo?